Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nodlers rack up $3,252.56 in lobbyists' gifts during 2008

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Gary Nodler and his wife, Joncee, received $3,252.56 in lobbyists' gifts during 2008, according to Missouri Ethics Commission documents.

Nodler picked up $1,913.27 of that amount, according to a report posted earlier this morning on the Ethics Commission website. Commission filings indicate Mrs. Nodler has received $1,339.29 in gifts.

In the Dec. 31 Turner Report, I detailed gifts the Nodlers received from lobbyist Travis Brown, representing billionaire Rex Sinquefield

Nodler, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and his wife Joncee, received $1,135.98 in meals and lodging from Sinquefield's lobbyist Nov. 7 and Nov. 8, according to the documents. On Nov. 7, each of the Nodlers received $162.13 for meals, with the total increasing to $286.21 apiece for meals the following day.

Nodler received lodging totaling $239.30 on Nov. 7.

The rest of Mrs. Nodler's gifts were detailed in the Nov. 1 Turner Report.


Anonymous said...

Nodler's going to be ticked when he finds out Andy Blunt is supporting Jack Goodman for Roy Blunt's congressional seat.

Anonymous said...

Jack Goodman's wife is Andy Blunt's cousin. Nodler would not be surprised or ticked about that if it were true, he would probably love it. The Blunt's are yesterday's news, well not quite, Matt Blunt just joined Jack Abramoff's lobbying firm, binding Jack Goodman to cousin Blunt and Jack Abramoff. Goodman will be an easy target for anyone. Lie down with pigs you get up with smell.