Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Missouri GOP rips into Robin Carnahan

The Missouri GOP, facing the prospect of a U. S. Senate campaign without a Republican incumbent thanks to Kit Bond's impending retirement, is already ripping into Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. According to a news release issued today, Ms. Carnahan is inexperienced, never worked in the private sector, and was only elected secretary of state thanks to family connections and now she expects to be elected to a higher office.l

Now forgive me for being skeptical, but who are the Republicans to criticize the same path to power followed by Matt Blunt? Here's the press release:

Missouri Republican Party, Executive Director, Jared Craighead said Robin Carnahan's instant endorsement by pro-illegal immigrant champion Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ-D) is reason number one for the much needed scrutiny of Carnahan's vague and spotty record.

Craighead said:

"Robin Carnahan's long free ride has come to an end. Her bid, like Caroline Kennedy’s is based purely on family legacy and not personal accomplishment. Missourians will not allow her to use her family’s legacy to become Missouri's second robot vote in the U.S. Senate for Barack Obama. Her futile attempts will bring attention to the shallowness of her record and raise important questions about her values and experiences in life.”

"To our knowledge, she has never held a stable job in the private sector. In an attempt to place her own hereditary claim on a major office, at least Caroline Kennedy could point to co-authorship of a book.”

“In this current economic situation, Carnahan will have to explain her work at the Export/Import Bank, which gave sweetheart deals to big corporations like Enron while she worked there. Not only did her actions contribute to our economic crisis and the shipment of jobs overseas but she was also instrumental in thousands of Americans losing their retirement funds.”

"President Clinton strongly endorsed and praised her radical anti-Second Amendment views and her leadership in the ultimately failed campaign against Missourians’ right to protect and defend themselves and their families.”

"As Secretary of State, she has unobtrusively punched the time clock and accomplished nothing legislatively. She is best-known for earning judicial rebukes for trying to rig the language of ballot titles. She is an incompetent Secretary of State who consistently chooses politics over people.”

"So far, her only major political accomplishment was to run up a large total against a token opponent who spent less than $40,000, in a pro-Democrat year.”

“Now, in a Caroline Kennedy echo, Carnahan seeks to create her own ‘kingdom’ by laying claim to a senate seat, where she and her liberal brother can work together as loyal foot soldiers for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama.”


Anonymous said...

You're right Randy. This is exactly the path that Runt Blunt has taken. I think the Republican Party should change it's name to the Hypocrite Party, or at least have an offshoot of that party here in Southwest Missouri – where hypocrite is the middle name of must republicans. i.e. Mayor James Hypocrite Woestman, Sheriff Archie Hypocrite Dunn, Commissioner John Hypocrite Bartosh. Hell, even Jared Hypocrite Craighead, who was part of the "Team Abramoff" cadre of lobbyists at Cassidy and Associates, the DC-based lobbying firm where Jack Abramoff once worked. And we all know how that went. Need I go on?

Anonymous said...

I have met Robin and several of her family members. They are a first class, honest, and hard working group of people.

Anonymous said...

Wowie, it must take a lot of nerve, or just plain stupidity to rip into anyone when the Repugs have had Runt Blunt at the top of their ticket.

Never has this state had someone in the Governor's office with as little brains as Runt Blunt. His usefulness is little more than that of a maggot.

Tom Hanna said...

"Runt Blunt". I thought you weren't allowing Martin Lindstedt to comment here anymore?

On more substantive issues, I wasn't aware of Ms. Carnahan's graduation from the Naval Academy, service in the Navy or election to the state legislature on her own merits. Great to learn of these.