Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Globe Editorial Board favors ethics bill

In an editorial in today's edition, the Joplin Globe says it favors the bipartisan ethics bill outlined by representatives Brian Yates, R-Lee's Summit, and Jake Zimmerman, D-Olivette this week:

We elect our lawmakers for one specific job: representing us — especially in the writing of laws.

We want our representatives and senators to concentrate on the business of the people. They shouldn’t be preparing for their next career in the business of slathering politicians with gifts, or getting paid to help another politician run a campaign.

When we hear about how quickly lawmakers dive into a new career as lobbyists, it makes us wonder what they were really doing up there.

Additionally, a lawmaker who term-limits out and jumps into a new lobbying career has influence and relationships with other legislators that most lobbyists don’t have. It’s a smelly situation that shouldn’t exist.

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