Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blunt challenges Carnahan to debates

Assuming that he will be the Republican candidate for U. S. Senate even though 18 months remain before the GOP primary Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt challenged Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, the only announced Democratic candidate at this point, to a series of debates.

Blunt said he wanted to begin the debating this year.

Win your primary first, Congressman. The last thing we need is a never-ending series of debates lasting two years. Speaking as if you are already your party's nominee does not necessarily make it so.


Anonymous said...

Congressman Blunt always refused to debate his opponents. Now he has a sudden change of mind. I suppose he is also going to try to change his mind on all the Bush policies that he supported that led this this country to economic crisis.

Anonymous said...

I think you should make us all a wager. If Blunt wins the primary, then you stop your blathering on this or other blogs.

If he loses carry on.

Got the guts?

Anonymous said...

Of course I will take you up on it. I plan to vote against him early and often.

Anonymous said...

Has Blunt moved back here from Maryland yet? Shouldn't he be running for the Senate in a state he actually lives in and where his kid goes to school?

He's off to a very poor start in this campaign. It reminds me of his loss in 1992 to Bill Webster, his loss of his leadership position in Congress and when Eric Cantor kicked him to the curb last year.

Sad, sad, little man.