Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KOAM plans Feb. 17 switchover to digital

Local television stations had until Monday to tell the Federal Communications Commission if they wanted to stick with the original Feb. 17 elimination of their analog signals.

Only one station in the Joplin market, KOAM, the CBS affiliate, indicated it planned to switch to digital one week from today. A list released by the FCC does not indicate that KOAM's sister station KFJX, KODE, KSNF, or KOZJ, the Fox, ABC, NBC, and PBS affiliates, respectively, plan to change on that date. Congress voted last week to extend the date to June 12.

In the Springfield market, KSPR, the ABC affiliate, is the only station to indicate plans to switch to all-digital Feb. 17.


Anonymous said...

It is just ridiclous that they are think9ing about delaying it. It has been known for what, 3 years that the switch was coming? What is 6 more months going to do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, six more months may allow people who have lost their jobs and are having trouble putting groceries on the table a little time to save their nickels and dimes for that dad-gummed converter box.
Or they could waste their money on shoes for their kids.
This digital conversion is nothing but an excuse to make money for electronics manufacturers. What a crock!!!

Anonymous said...

Doing what you said you would do, even if what you said you would do was dictated by the government is commendable. I guess KSN got a pass since I saw they had people working on their tower this week and they appear they would have missed the deadline if it hadn't been moved. Maybe they have a little pull with the Obama Transition Team.

Anonymous said...

To the commentor who believes that getting ready was too expensive and that it was a way for electronics manufacturers to make money, they should get a little education before they show their inteligence. The transition of Television stations from their current analog spectrum to the digital spectrum was a decision of the 1995 Budget Deficit Reduction Act. (An ironic term now,) It was under the Clinton Administration. Government decided that this spectrum inhabited by television stations would be worth a lot of money if sold to for profit wireless providers. It was sold last year for over 20 Billion dollars and the Government already spent the money. They've showed it as a budget reduction since they inacted it. A sort of accounts receivable entry on their books. The general problem here is virtually no one is paying attention to what government is doing to us in every bill. This poor lug thought it was to help the electronics people. Being blind is a shame, choosing to be ignorant is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

TV is a luxury NOT a priority. If you need to get shoes for your kids then do it. Don't bitch because you cannot afford $40 to get a converter box. You have known this was coming for years. You could have saved $1 month and had it by now.

And a lot of people complaining like you anonymous do not understand or know that, one of the major reason for the switch to digital is so there is more room on the analog bands to transmit fire, police, EMT, etc signals.

Get informed before yhou shoot your mouth off again.