Friday, February 06, 2009

KSYN dethrones KIX 102.5 in latest Joplin Arbitron ratings

The king is dead, but don't expect Zimmer Radio to shed too many tears.

After leading the Joplin Arbitron ratings for the past several years, Joplin's country giant KIX 102 fell to second place in the latest ratings. One Zimmer Radio station replaced another as the new champ as 92.5, KSYN.

KSYN's ratings increased from 11.0 to 11.9 in the latest book, while KIX fell from 12.1 to 9.1

Zimmer had four of the top five stations, with the big surprise coming at number three, with Mike FM, 95.1 in Carthage, grabbing that slot with a rating of 8.0 up from 6.4 in the spring.

Fourth and fifth places were held by Zimmer's Classic Rock Station, Big Dog, 97.9, up from 6.9 to 7.4, and KJMK's adult contemporary sound at 6.8, down from 8.1.

The remainder of the top 10:

6. KKOW-FM, Country, American Media Investments, 5.1

7. KZRG-AM, News Talk, Zimmer, 4.0, up from 2.3

8. (six-way tie at 1.1) KDMO, Adult Standards, Ron Peterson, Carthage; KHST, Southeast Kansas Broadcasting Company; KIGM Classic Rock, Clear Channel; KWXD, Southeast Kansas Broadcasting Company; KZYM, Sports, Zimmer

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Randy ~
Waiting to read your latest comments on the Rita Hunter/Podleski story.
Podleski is walking away? I would like to understand what case law this decision was based on.