Friday, April 24, 2009

Comments continue on parting shot from Joplin Business Journal publisher

The kind words are not exactly rolling in for Joplin Business Journal Publisher Roger Asay, following his tirade against Joplin Tri-State Business, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, and everyone else he feels wronged him and caused his publication to go belly up.

So far, the following comments have been left:

Anonymous said...
Asay mentions SBJ/JTSBJ 42 times and his own publication only 21 times!

12:51 PM

Anonymous said...
If Tom Murray hadn't been cruelly taken from us by cancer, this story would've had a much different outcome.

1:16 PM

Anonymous said...
Roger Asay has only himself to blame for his revolving door turnover and the crappy magazine that he published. If he wasn't such a tyrant, he wouldn't have had such tremendous turnover. But ultimately, if the JBJ had been a better product, Asay's problems would have been alleviated.

2:49 PM

Anonymous said...
Can't believe a so-called professional business person would send something like this out to the public.

Pretty stupid business move and just makes him look foolish!

2:53 PM

Anonymous said...
Wow. That's a pretty long laundry list of grievances from someone undone by the fact that they were simply in over their head from Day 1. It didn't help that Roger made some terrible hiring choices and didn't have much of a clue when it came to gathering news, much less writing it. His competitor had all that in spades coming out of the gate. In that respect it wasn't a fair fight.

6:15 PM

Anonymous said...
They tried to sell me a subscription to Joplin Business Journal, but the publication was just crap. It had such an amateurish look to it and the writing was very poor.

6:26 PM

Anonymous said...
Roger Asay is a classless SOB.

4:09 PM

Anonymous said...
Mr. Asay needs to take personal responsibility for his failure and stop blaming others.

7:38 PM

Interestingly enough, in one part of Asay's letter, he lists the accomplishment of his short-lived publication. He fails to list ay achievement that has anything to do with journalism.

Asay's letter can be found at this link.

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