Thursday, April 23, 2009

Corcoran DWI hearing postponed until after legislative session

The first hearing in the DWI case against Rep. Michael Corcoran, D-St. Ann, originally scheduled for today in St. Louis County Circuit Court, has been delayed until May 21, six days after the Missouri legislative session comes to a close.

News accounts indicate Corcoran was stopped Feb. 6 by the Missouri Highway Patrol for weaving on I-70. Corcoran refused a breathalyzer test. In addition to the DWI charge, he is charged with failure to drive in a single lane, and failure to signal.

Corcoran's driver's license was taken away after his refusal to take the breathalyzer, but that action was put on hold by a St. Louis County judge. The next hearing on that issue is scheduled for Thursday, April 30.

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