Sunday, April 12, 2009

Livengood article examines Jetton leadership committee

Springfield News-Leader political reporter Chad Livengood takes a close look at former Speaker of the House Rod Jetton's leadership committee in an article in today's News-Leader:

The article says Jetton claims the committee is designed to raise funds to help conservative candidates, but not much of that appears to be happening:

"We raise a little money and try to conduct activities that would be beneficial to my efforts to continue to get Republicans elected," said Jetton, who is now running a full-time political consulting company called Rod Jetton & Associates.

But campaign finance records show Jetton's PAC has made just two direct contributions to Republican candidates -- $675 to Sen. Jim Lembke of St. Louis and $675 to Rita Hunter, the former Jasper County public administrator on June 26.

Since May 2008, Jetton's committee has spent a total of $97,230 for mostly office expenses, travel, hotel rooms, parking fees for Jefferson City and payroll to some employees who also happen to work for his political consulting firm, records show.

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