Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emery: Public needs to be educated on "Fair Tax" proposal

Rep. Ed Emery's proposal that Missouri's current tax system be scrapped in favor of a "fair tax," which would be totally based on consumption appears to be headed toward the House floor this week in the form of a resolution. Emery talked about his proposal in an article in today's Columbia Missourian:

“There is no more powerful economic development tool than tax reform that actually empowers the folks that are producing and creating jobs,” said Emery, R-Lamar. “That’s what the fair tax does: It puts the financial power back in the hands of businesses that create jobs. … It gives people their money back.”

Emery has been the heavy lifter for the fair-tax issue. In 2007, he wrote Missouri’s first fair-tax legislation. He tried again in 2008 with little visible progress, but that didn’t stop him from pushing the issue again this year.

“(Rep. Ed Robb, R-Columbia) and I knew that legislating a change this big would take time,” Emery said. “We have to educate the public on the merits of the fair tax and what it would do … as well as other legislators.”

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