Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four States Home Page newsletter offers update on stations' difficulties folowing storms

In the Four States Home Page newsletter distributed by e-mail this morning, KODE and KSNF officials outlined what is being done about the problems suffered by the stations in the aftermath of Friday's storm, including the downing of KSN's tower. This information was offered about KODE:

KODE-TV is broadcasting, however at this time DISH Network is carrying the ABC and NBC signals from Springfield. This is due to the damage caused to the KSNF building as the DISH network equipment was housed in the KSNF technical department. We assure you that DISH Network is working tirelessly to correct the situation and get your local stations back on the air as soon as possible.

And concerning KSNF:

Unfortunately for KSNF, getting back on the air is going to take a little more time ... but we have good news! Be sure to check and click on Four States Net News (FSNN). Your favorite KSN news personalities will be updating the site with the latest news stories 7 times a day, every 2 hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. We want to make sure you are able to get the most up-to-date news, weather, and sports stories in the area!

Estimates are that KSNF will be limited to the website updates for the next month.

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