Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hacker column features memories of Jennifer Martin

A couple of thought about small town journalism and The Carthage Press.

In a recent post, I noted the lack of an article about the death of longtime Press fixture Jennifer Martin who died Friday. That oversight was partially rectified in today's edition with some remembrances of Jenny by John Hacker, who is the only person still working at The Press who worked there when she did.

A page-one article was in order for the Sunday edition. I don't just say this because she was my friend, but because it goes with my basic belief that the deaths of prominent people in small towns should always be page one news, and if journalists do not make sure that the people who contributed so much to their product and their community receive a proper sendoff, who is going to do it?
On the other hand, The Press is once again doing something I like which is a positive example of small town journalism. The newspaper is offering a 10-day series, profiling each of the top 10 seniors in the Class of 2009 at Carthage Senior High School.

(In full disclosure, I should note that this series, which when I was at The Press was called Senior Spotlight, is the sole remaining idea of mine that is still being used at The Press.)

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