Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nodler running for Congress

Gary Nodler did not surprise anyone today with his announcement that he is running for the Seventh District Congressional seat currently held by Roy Blunt.

The Joplin Republican introduced his candidacy today with campaign stops in Springfield and Joplin:

“We need a candidate that not only reflects our moral values, but also understands our economic and global challenges,” Nodler said in Springfield, where he was introduced by Missouri House Speaker Ron Richard, R-Joplin.

“The expansion of federal power and federal spending represented by the Obama administration and the ultra liberal Congress must be resisted,” Nodler added.


former supporter said...

A stuckup, conceited politician introduced by another stuckup, conceited politician. I used to support Ronnie but the speaker's job has gone to his head ( and Patty's) They don't give me (and many others) the time of day anymore.

Nodler? it's too bad this area is so republican...

Anonymous said...

Nodler's going to be 0-3 running for his old boss's job. I'm going to laugh real hard when he gets beat by an auctioneer! The best part of this race? Perhaps it will end Nodler's political career and derail Goodman's!