Friday, May 29, 2009

Nodler headed for additional scrutiny this time around

If Gary Nodler is truly the level-headed public servant he and his followers claim he is, he should get the chance to prove it over the next 15 months.

Nodler's first two efforts to be elected to Congress were thwarted by Mel Hancock and Roy Blunt, but the Joplin Republican did not fall under anywhere near the scrutiny he will face this time around. In the first place, he has become more of a public figure during his tenure in the Senate and has an eight-year record which will be examined and re-examined by his opponents and the media.

Nodler also has stronger opponents than he has had during his elections to the Senate, and more may be on their way.

Plus, there are more media outlets which will be writing about him, including the KY3 Political Notebook, Joplin Globe blogger Joe Hadsall, the tireless Chad Livengood of the Springfield News-Leader, Democratic Party blogs like Fired Up Missouri, which followed up Nodler's announcement with a post, noting what seemed to be arrogant answers by Nodler to questions from Livengood and KY3's Dave Catanese.

The senator's temper is going to be sorely tested during this campaign.

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