Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nodler: Bond told me to do it

The $25 million forgivable loan to Joplin's Eagle-Picher was not Gary Nodler's idea, an article in today's Columbia Tribune indicates. Kit Bond made him do it.

Nodler told the newspaper that Bond called him seven times asking him to insert the Eagle-Picher earmark, as well as one for Kokam America, Inc. of Lee's Summit. Of course, Nodler insists these were not earmarks:

Nodler said Bond had called him seven times in one day to discuss the projects.

“Six times he missed connecting with me, but on the seventh call he made contact and discussed those at length,” Nodler said. “In the case of the battery manufacturers, he talked about the size of the federal investment that had already been made and what he believes to be the national interests moving forward in this area. It’s not only vital to the economic interests of the state but vital to the interests of the nation as a whole. He also voiced support for the China hub.”

“When I put together the Senate substitute, I just added those two provisions into that substitute,” Nodler added.


pppporkypig said...

Whether you agree or disagree with the loan...Nodler should have probably "manned up" and accepted the responsibility of his actions rather that try to roll Bond under the bus. Also why even bring up that Bond called him 7 times?

Anonymous said...

Poor little Gary... The devil made him do it...

Anonymous said...

Nodler is such a weasel. If he's elected to Congress, he will fit right in from the first day he's in DC.