Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Governor to alleged radicals- Get out

Gov. Jay Nixon continues to receive flak over the MIAC Strategic Report. Earlier today, a representative of the Liberty Restoration Project, one of the groups cited in the report, was refused an audience with the governor.

Of course, the Liberty Restoration Project member appears to be trying to milk publicity out of this (and darn it all, here I am providing it).

If the boorish behavior exhibited by the woman is any indication, it gives me a lot more respect for the MIAC report.


Anonymous said...

The woman seemed polite enough to me when cowardly police hiding behind a badge kicked her out of a public office. Doesn't the governor as a public servant have an obligation to explain why a government agency has essentially declared a state of civil war against some of its citizens and her in particular? For that matter, I think Jay Nixon ought to be thrown out of the governor's office.

The fact of the matter is that Turner supports police threatening citizens and targetting them as threats to their power, while whining about police threatening and beating up his favorite minorities. Turner supports police intimidation when the police are intimidating small white females of conservative bent.

A citizen making demands of a Democrat regime is a "boor" while Randy Turner as a member of the press making the same demand of a Republican administration or politician is a "concerned citizen."

I don't mind this hypocrisy, Turner, but don't you think you should do a better job of hiding it?

Randy said...

Here we go again with the inaccurate attempt to label me. I called her a boor because whether you are right or wrong, you have an obligation to behave decently and I thought the woman made a fool of himself. I compare her behavior to the Code Pink group. When people behave like that, it doesn't matter how noble their cause, they are not going to strike a responsive chord with the public. On the other hand, had she simply put the first portion on video without the diatribe at the end, she would have made a more convincing case.