Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Putnam yanks bid for Carthage license fee office

The Carthage Press reports Jasper County Republican County Committee Chairman John Putnam has withdrawn his bid to retain the Carthage license fee office, claiming the process has been politicized by Gov. Jay Nixon:

“After prayerful consideration, I have decided not to bid to continue as the Carthage License Office Fee Agent,” Putnam wrote in his letter. “I am concerned that politics has not been completely removed from the process and would not want my desire to continue as agent to cost Carthage what I believe to be the best Fee Office staff in the state. With that in mind and realizing that Carthage has a GREAT fee office because of Debbie Hensley (with 16 years of experience) and the staff there who would all like to keep their jobs, I have encouraged her to bid for the office.”

It sounds more like Putnam is politicizing the process.

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