Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hartzler: Ike's dodging debates and showing San Francisco values

In a news release issued today, Vicky Hartzler, the Republican candidate for Fourth District Congress, accused incumbent Democrat Ike Skelton of dodging joint appearances, and heaven help him, of having "San Francisco values:"

Professional politician Ike Skelton continues to duck an opportunity to defend his Nancy Pelosi-inspired voting record before the people of the 4th Congressional District and is now going so far as to stretch the truth regarding appearances with Vicky Hartzler, his Republican opponent.

The Hartzler campaign has set aside Friday afternoons through October 22 and has called on media outlets and civic organizations to schedule forums in which the two candidates could state their views and take questions from citizens. Not only has Congressman Skelton failed to agree to one or more of these joint appearances, his campaign has told the Associated Press that, "... the congressman already has appeared in a forum with Hartzler before members of the Farm Bureau." What the congressman refers to as a "forum" was the dinner, last Wednesday, prior to the Missouri Farm Bureau's endorsement in the 4th District. That endorsement was awarded to Vicky Hartzler, marking the first time since 1996 that Ike Skelton did not earn the prestigious prize.

A forum? Far from it! The only time the two were in the same room was during the dinner. Hartzler campaign press secretary Steve Walsh, who covered politics in Washington and Missouri before joining the campaign, is somewhat surprised at what Ike Skelton considers a "forum."

"Only a career politician who has spent too much time in Washington, D.C. could consider a dinner attended by two opponents sitting at different tables to be a forum," said Walsh. "If sharing a room with someone counts as a forum then running into each other on a street corner and exchanging pleasantries must pass as a full-fledged debate."

The 17 term congressman is not only hiding from forums, he is hiding from his record, which is a mirror image of Nancy Pelosi's record 95 percent of the time. He recently told the Missourinet that claims regarding his track record in the House of Representatives are not true, adding, "As a matter of fact, I reflect the values of the district I represent, the values of Missouri, small-town values.”

Really, Congressman Skelton? Cap-and-tax! Union-bullying-inspired card check! Stimulus legislation! Support for these atrocious bills reflects the values of the 4th District?

It's time for Congressman Skelton to join Vicky Hartzler before the people of the 4th District to explain and defend his votes in favor of job killing legislation that is embraced with glee by his boss, Nancy Pelosi, but is soundly rejected by residents of the 4th. Vicky Hartzler is making it clear she would have voted against this odious legislation. Ike Skelton had the chance to say "no" and let us down. Vicky Hartzler will say "no" to San Francisco values and "yes" to the ideals and beliefs of residents of the 4th District.


Busplunge said...
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Busplunge said...

"San Francisco values" --- could these perhaps be believing it is un-American to discriminate against anyone?

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