Monday, April 04, 2011

Cunningham attack on teacher tenure set for committee hearing Tuesday

Sen. Jane Cunningham's latest attack on public schools and teachers, a law that would eliminate teacher tenure and base teacher pay on standardized test scores will receive a friendly committee hearing 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Instead of the Education Committee, SB 372 is in the Genaral Laws Committee, which has Mrs. Cunningham as its chairman.

In SB 372, Mrs. Cunningham asks for the following:

-The abolition of tenure, to be replaced by "continuing contracts," which can be two,three, or four years, depending on how well teachers' students perform on standardized tests.

-Abolition of minimum salaries for veteran teachers or those who have earned master's degrees

-Performance pay would become effective in 2013

-Teachers cannot campaign for school board candidates in their district. (It should be noted that Mrs. Cunningham was a one-term member of the Ladue Board of Education and lost her re-election bid after she ticked off school officials, teachers, and students, with her attempts to push a religious organization.)

-All teachers who have already earned tenure lose it as of 2012 and become probationary teachers once again.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see who all lines up to support this issue with Cunningham. I'm sure the Rep that I know about will have to talk to Jesus to get help and guidance in order to screw the teachers in a kind and gentle way.

Anonymous said...

I know so many teachers who identify themselves as Republicans and vote as such. As do their spouses and families.

They deserve this. No, seriously they do. They need to see the hatred the Republican Party has of public education and in particular, teachers, up close and personal. Once de-humanized, they can all go on to their next careers at Sears or McDonald's.

The cops and firefighters are next as is any public employee (slave). Let's face it, without the benefits, (health care, pensions) who's going to strap on a gun and go to work everyday? Yep, it's off to Sears.

I think all this controversy will put the "U" back in "Union".