Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humphreys, Sinquefield contribute $635,000 to Brad Lager

Want more proof of what is wrong with Missouri's campaign finance laws?

Two extremely wealthy men, David Humphreys of TAMKO in Joplin and retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield contributed a combined $635,000 to lieutenant governor candidate Brad Lager, according to 48-hour reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Sinquefield gave $385,000 and Humphreys $250,000, according to the reports.

Both men were reportedly unhappy with reports that incumbent Peter Kinder, who had received campaign contributions from Humphreys and Sinquefield, had cavorted with strippers and had been at a nightclub during a pants-optional evening.

But when this kind of money is being tossed around by men wanting to reshape the government in their own image, it is the voters who are being stripped- of our right to have candidates who are not bought and paid for by special interests.

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