Wednesday, June 20, 2012

McCaskill calls on new SuperPac to disclose its donors

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

The McCaskill for Missouri campaign released the following statement today in response to news reports about a new SuperPAC called “Heart of America” PAC.

"Claire is adamant - outside groups need to disclose their donors and the same goes for groups looking to support her, if not more so,” said Erik Dorey, McCaskill for Missouri spokesman. “Whether they're secret money groups that are never required to disclose, or a group like this one that has quarterly reporting requirements, Claire is making herself crystal clear: disclose your donors."

Claire has consistently called on outside groups to disclose their donors and has repeatedly decried the Citizens United ruling that allowed some groups, such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, Americans for Prosperity, the Chamber of Commerce and 60+, to raise unlimited funds without ever disclosing their donors.

In January, Claire sent a letter to all three of her opponents asking them to join her in calling on any outside group that spends money in this race to disclose their donors and she stands by that today.

Unfortunately, none of her opponents ever responded to Claire's letter, or her challenge to outside groups.

According to the News-Leader, this new group indicated it is planning to disclose its donors when quarterly reporters are due July 15.

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