Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spence to Nixon: Don't implement Obamacare

(From Dave Spence, Republican candidate for governor)

Today Dave Spence, Republican candidate for governor, called on Jay Nixon not to take any action to implement Obamacare until after the election in November.  The Supreme Court upheld today Obamacare saying it is clearly a tax increase.

                "Jay Nixon needs to be very clear about his plans in response to the Obamacare decision," said Spence. "Today I'm calling on him to commit to all Missourians that he will not take any action to implement the job-killing law until voters have an opportunity to make their voices heard in November."

                What makes Nixon’s recent public opposition to the individual mandate so insulting is his history of supporting the implementation of Obamacare. Last fall, Nixon attempted to circumvent the legislature by implementing health care exchanges through a board of unelected officials before Republican senators rushed to the meeting place to stop a vote. Nixon is on record as saying his “only focus” is to “implement the law of the land” referring to Obamacare. Jay Nixon offers as an explanation that he’s been “too busy” running the state to publicly state his opposition to the mandate. Yet, he found time to attempt to lay the foundation to implement this massive tax increase?

                It was only after the political winds began to blow against Governor Nixon that he decided to adjust his sails and voice unclear opposition to the individual mandate. The question now is will Jay Nixon continue with his desire to “implement the law of the land”, or will he finally follow the over 70% of Missourians who voted overwhelmingly to reject this mandate?

                Spence is calling on Nixon to be clear about his intentions to implement Obamacare in the future, a stark departure from Nixon’s record of fumbling explanations of his own stance on the law.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's hard to do when it's over 100 outside, but the first thing all of these Republicans need to do is "chill out" with respect to the Supreme Court decision earlier today. Because in time the problems brought on by climate change (e.g., record-setting fires in Colorado and elsewhere) are going to make the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act (am I close?) look like a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. And, along that line, the second thing they need to do is refer to the measure by its proper name. It's not "Obamacare"! The use of such terminology is not conducive to a civilized debate on the merits (or shortcomings) of the measure. Rick Nichols.