Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ed Martin: Koster should have been fighting against Obamacare

As you might expect, Republican attorney general candidate Ed Martin has found a way to turn today's U. S. Supreme Court decision on the federal health care law into an attack on Chris Koster.

Ed Martin, candidate for Missouri Attorney General, released the following statement on the Supreme Court's ObamaCare ruling:

“There have been many times when Missourians should have had an Attorney General to stand up for them and fight ObamaCare.  Whether it was failing to fight against intrusions on personal freedom, religious liberty, and rationing of care, Chris Koster could have stood up for Missourians against the anti-freedom mandate upheld today by the Supreme Court.  Koster decided to play liberty party politics instead. Koster abandoned Missouri and refused to stand up to Barack Obama, Koster’s choice for President, and join the challenge to ObamaCare. This is just what would be expected from Obama’s Lawyer. Koster stood idle while a case of vital importance to every single person in Missouri was argued and resolved. Missourians voted overwhelmingly against the ObamaCare mandate in 2010, but Koster was more concerned about being a loyal political lawyer for Barack Obama."

Martin also expressed his disappointment in the decision from the Supreme Court:

"I am thoroughly disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling today. Proponents of individualism and the free market such as myself have been dealt serious blow. ObamaCare is an egregious attack on our personal freedom and liberty, and will have untold consequences for our country in the years to come. With more federal regulation and overreach undoubtedly on the way, we need and deserve an Attorney General who will be our lawyer, not Obama’s lawer. Unfortunately, Koster has shown time and time again that he would rather drift with the prevailing political winds than represent the interests of Missourians.”

As Attorney General, Martin vowed to continue the fight:

“If I am Missouri’s Attorney General, I will stand up against intrusions on our individual freedom, religious liberty, rationing, and cuts in care.  I will fight, come hell or high water, for our rights and freedoms. Koster has proven that he won’t, that being an Obama lawyer means more to him than doing his job for us. The Supreme Court ruling leaves the mandate in place as a tax on individuals who choose not to have insurance. As Attorney General I cannot let this stand.”

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