Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sarah Steelman: Chief Justice Roberts is a tool of the establishment

(From Republican U. S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman)

I am disappointed and angry that the United States Supreme Court passed down a ruling which will alter the fabric of our nation by creating a fundamentally socialist healthcare system.

Today's ruling is not a republican ruling. It is not a democrat ruling. It is an establishment ruling. Lead by Chief Justice Roberts, an establishment appointee, more focused on keeping power in the hands of Washington politicians. This is why the status quo has got to go, we cannot afford more of the same.

For months, ObamaCare opponents have said that the individual mandate was a tax while Obama and his liberal enablers in the media mocked us. All this grand expansion of the taxing authority will do is lead to more uncertainty, less growth, and fewer jobs. Once again the Establishement of both parties have increased their power at the expense of our nation.

I will vote to repeal Obamacare. And I know you don't have to attend Harvard to be a good judge or public servant. I will only support judicial nominees who are strict Constitutionalists, that recognize the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land and who understand that God gave us freedom not government and that our Constitution protects those liberties. And unlike the establishment candidates, I will do what I say I am going to do.


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Anonymous said...

If anyone ought to recognize a tool...

I will give Chief Justice Roberts credit for being a sharper tool than some of the dull tools. Steelman? She more closely resembles Billy Long than Chief Justice Roberts. That's a fact that would make them both happy.