Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ed Martin: I'll stand up to keep illegals out of Missouri

It did not take long for Republican attorney general candidate Ed Martin to fire off another attack at incumbent Chris Koster after the announcement of the Supreme Court decision on the Arizona immigration law Monday. The following news release comes from the Martin campaign.

The Supreme Court upheld a key aspect of Arizona's immigration law but voted 5-3 against most of the provisions in S.B. 1070, also known as the “Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.”  The law, which is supported by Missouri Attorney General candidate Ed Martin, would have allowed state and local authorities to enforce already existing federal immigration laws.  The Arizona law had many opponents, including Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster who failed to take Arizona’s side in the suit.

Ed Martin, Republican candidate for Attorney General has been outspoken in his support for Arizona’s immigration law. “The provision upheld today by the Supreme Court represents a victory for proponents of the public safety, state sovereignty, and secure borders,” Martin said. “Unfortunately Missourians were not represented in the case because current Attorney General Chris Koster was again missing-in-action, choosing to be Obama’s Lawyer instead of standing up against the federal encroachment of the Obama administration. Sadly, this was not the first time Koster has refused to represent the interests of Missourians by opposing Obama and increased government control.”

Martin explained that even without being a border state Missouri must address the problems caused by illegal immigration.

“Illegal immigration has a direct effect on Missouri jobs and the economy. With an already high unemployment rate, illegal immigrants take Missouri jobs that would otherwise be available for citizens. Missouri’s central location and major highways also make the state a prime location for drug trafficking. Yet, Chris Koster has done little to help secure the borders by consciously choosing to be a lawyer for Obama, rather than a lawyer for the people.”

As Attorney General, Martin would make sure that Missouri’s existing immigration laws regarding are enforced, while at the same time evaluating other options to make the law stronger.

“Missouri’s current immigration laws are generally consistent with many other states. However, we can look to places like Arizona where they are trying to strengthen their laws and try to enact similar measures here. Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach and others support changing the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution regarding children born to immigrants in the United States. As Attorney General, one of my goals would be to look at all available options that would make Missouri one of the toughest states on illegal immigration, even as we continue to welcome legal immigrants.”

Missourians can no longer afford an Attorney General who sits on the sidelines. With Ed Martin as our Attorney General, we will have a leader who is willing to stand with Governor Brewer, the State of Arizona, and others in defense of state sovereignty. 

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