Saturday, October 06, 2012

McCaskill camp: Akin proposed getting U. S. out of United Nations

In the latest of the Claire McCaskill's campaign's revelation of 35 ridiculous things Congressman Todd Akin has said (being revealed the last 35 days of the campaign), this one notes that Todd Akin told a Springfield group in May that the U. S. should pull out of the United Nations. The McCaskill campaign news release is printed below the video.

Akin also made that statement at the Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social at Memorial Hall in Carthage in July, as can be seen in the accompanying video.

At a speech in May Todd Akin told a group of supporters that instead of working with world leaders to make the United Nations better he would have the United States end all interaction with the organization. Akin’s extreme policy would negate years of diplomatic work and waste money committed to missions throughout the world.

Akin Said We Should Withdraw From the United Nations and “Reconstruct Some Other Organization.” During a speech to the Greene County Pachyderm Club in May 2012, Akin said “I got a simple solution to all of those problems, which is- just get us out of the United Nations. It's corrupt, and we should reconstruct some other organization.” [Akin remarks at Greene County Pachyderm Club, 5/25/12]

This statement is another example of how Todd Akin’s extreme positions and unwillingness to compromise and work with other would hurt Missouri,” said Erik Dorey, McCaskill for Missouri spokesman. “Missourians need representation like Claire McCaskill, who would work to improve on relations with foreign leaders instead of undermining the work of U.S. diplomats. While Claire has been fighting to protect all Missourians in the Senate Akin has been promoting extreme policies that would create more problems and put Missourians at risk.”

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