Tuesday, December 04, 2012

First birther bill of 2013 filed by Southwest Missouri Republican

Barack Obama has already been elected to a second term, but that is not stopping one Southwest Missouri Republican for trying to keep any more of those condemned foreigners from spending time in the Oval Office.

For the third straight year, Rep. Lyle Rowland, R-Centercreek, has filed legislation requiring proof that anyone running for president and vice president is a natural born citizen of the United States.

HB 41 requires the candidates to submit that information, along with all other "required certified documents" to the secretary of state.

The Taney County legislator, a former school administrator, has had no luck pushing the legislation in the past, and this year, does not have a host of other legislators including many from southwest Missouri backing him in this quixotic venture.

It would be nice if our new speaker of the house would rein in this kind of nonsense, but since Jones, I believe, is the only governmental official still associated with Orly Taitz' birther lawsuits against the president, we can expect to see this kind of nonsnnse take hold in the legislature again this year and keeping anything that could actually help this state from occurring.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say I live in Lyle Rowland's district. I want to make it clear I did not vote for him. Roland replaced a Rep we had that term limited out, Maynard Wallace. Wallace was a retired School administrator and was a good Representative. He did not let partisan politics and stupid stuff cloud his mind.

Now Roland has started on the path of introducing worthless legislation apparently for no other reason than to draw attention to himself. It's a shame a man can do nothing but stupid stunts, introduce non-productive legislation, and waste taxpayers time and money and get paid for it.

Everyone that voted for him is now getting what they asked for.
David Rust

Anonymous said...

Here is a part of Roland's reply to my email today regarding this bill...quoting Roland
"In my research no one is responsible for verifying that President and Vice-President candidates qualify for the offices."

I answered to Roland with this reply:
"Yes there is, the voters. They voted twice contrary to the beliefs of the republicans and you can't stand that result.

Its sad when the Republicans can only think of roadblocks, instead of bridges.

Secession Soon said...

Why yeah.

It's not as if you Democrats and liberals want to foist off on the rest of us in this country someone who passes Constitutional requirements, like being a natural-born citizen.

Makes me wonder how long we will be able to live together in one country. How about all you Democrats live East of the Mississippi north of the Mason-Dixon line and the rest of us get some honest government that is lawful and represents our wants and needs.