Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Approach of winter storm delays debate on anti-union bills

Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), in a legislative update issued Tuesday night, told members that the approaching winter storm has delayed debate on anti-union legislation in the Senate. The update is printed below.

The Senate was expected to stay in session late to take up a bill attacking labor unions on February 19, but the debate was postponed after leaders changed plans to shorten the week and leave before the approaching winter storm.  

The bill was placed on the "informal calendar" when called in turn on the formal Perfection calendar, meaning that the Senate could return to the issue at any time during the remainder of session, but only when Floor Leader Ron Richard makes a specific recognition of the sponsor for that purpose.

SB 29 (Dan Brown) eliminates the ability of public labor union members to use payroll deduction to pay their dues.  The bill also imposes unnecessary and burdensome paperwork requirements on voluntary contributions by public union employees for political contributions.  

The Association strongly opposes this bill.  Paycheck deception laws at their core are an attempt to limit the voices of educators, union members, and other public employees through their membership in groups like Missouri NEA.  

Under law and school board policy, requests for payroll deductions must be authorized by the individual employee and the school district must also deduct any costs associated with any requested payroll deduction.

All employees have the constitutional right to an effective union voice in their employment and to work together to support political campaigns without undue interference from state policies that would undermine those rights.

ACTION NEEDED:  Your help is needed! IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE SO, please call, write or e-mail to urge your State Senator to oppose SCS/SB 29. The following link will connect you to the MNEA Action Alert Message, temporarily hosted by Progress Missouri:

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