Friday, February 22, 2013

Sarcoxie Board member arrested for child porn worried about effect Archie Dunn's ad would have on children

It was just one year ago that Sarcoxie School Board member John Lewis was worried about the effect advertising for Sheriff Archie Dunn would have on impressionable children.

Lewis, 67, alerted the Jasper County Commission to the ethical problem posed by Dunn handing out DARE t-shirts with "Archie Dunn for sheriff" on the back of them.

"It's using our children as campaign ads," Lewis was quoted in a Joplin Globe article.

Lewis was arraigned in federal court in Springfield today on a charge of sexual exploitation of minors. The information on the affidavit filed by the arresting officer can be found at this link.

Lewis' preliminary hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday in Springfield.

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