Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bahr: Now that voter ID has passed, we will tackle other non-existent issues

(In his latest report, Rep. Kurt Bahr, R-O'Fallon, extolls the virtues of photo voter ID to stop non-existent voter fraud.)

This week the MO House passed a new voter ID bill HB 48 & 216  and Constitutional Amendment HJR 5 & 12.  
 These two bills will work together to protect your vote from being diminished by voter fraud.  The Constitutional Amendment will go to a vote of the people and will allow for voter ID at the polls. 

 The ballot language you will see is “Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended so that it will be permissible under the Constitution of Missouri for the General Assembly to enact a general law requiring voters to show valid photo identification in order to vote in person at a public election?” 

 HB 48 & 216 is the enacting language that spells out how photo ID will work in our state.  The most vociferous argument against photo ID is that it will disenfranchise the poor and elderly who don’t have driver’s license and therefore won’t be able to vote.  This concern is addressed by requiring “the state and all fee offices shall provide one such form of the personal identification required to vote at no cost to any otherwise qualified voter who does not already possess such identification and who desires the identification in order to vote.” 

 Your right to vote should not be diminished by fraud and this new legislation will ensure your votes counts no more nor less than any other citizen.


Busplunge said...

So the guy who has to take off work to go to the health department to get a copy of his birth certificate so he can get his 'free photo id'---
Will he get paid for the time away from his job?

This has nothing to do with the desire of most Americans to exercise their freedom with equality and fairness. It has everything to do with a political party desperately reinforcing its narrow base as America become more diverse.

Roger Floyd said...

Who doesn't have a photo I.D? If a police officer asks you for an ID you have to provide it, whether you're driving OR walking down the street. There was thousands upon thousands of cases of voter fraud this last election. And it DOES have to do with fairness. Why should someone be able to cast votes in others' name? And yes, it happened and there are people that admitted to doing it.