Thursday, February 21, 2013

Travel advisory: Road conditions much improved

(From the Missouri Department of Transportation)

Travel Advisory: Thursday-Friday, Feb. 21-22
Road conditions on major streets and highways much improved
Weather Conditions: Heavy precipitation has moved out of southwest Missouri. However, freezing drizzle is a possibility overnight Thursday into early Friday morning, Feb. 21-22. Temperatures will remain near the freezing mark with lots of moisture in the air.

Travel Conditions: Major routes, including I-44, I-49, Route 54, Route 65 and Route 60, are becoming mostly clear but still wet by late afternoon and early evening. Lesser-traveled routes may be ice and slush covered.

Road Clearing: Once major routes are in a mostly clear condition this evening, MoDOT crews will move to the lesser-traveled routes. Continuing to work overnight, crews will plow the secondary roads and treat curves, hills and intersections with a salt-gravel mix improve traction. Workers also will monitor conditions on major streets and highways and apply salt where needed.

Icy Weather Driving Tips:
* Buckle up.
* Adjust your speed to conditions.
* Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/salting the road.
* Keep your windshield and other windows clear to help you see.
* Be alert for road conditions that may change as you drive.
* Do NOT drive over downed utility lines. Assume every downed line is a fully-charged electric line.
* Don't tailgate.
* Focus on driving and avoid distractions.
* Allow for extra travel time if you must travel. 

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