Sunday, February 17, 2013

Charlie Davis: We need our guns to hold off the government

In his latest report, Rep. Charlie Davis R-Webb City, says in no uncertain terms that he will defend the right to bear arms whether it comes under attack in the Missouri Legislature or from President Obama and the federal government.

 I ended up changing gears this week from what I had intended to send you. 

On Wednesday, we had a hearing on HB 112, which reinstates the medical malpractice limits on non-economic damages that the MO Supreme Court ruled against late last year. Though this issue is important to ensuring the cost of healthcare in Missouri does not continue to rise needlessly, I believe this is a topic I will tackle in the upcoming weeks. 

Instead, I’d like to touch on an issue that is important to so many of us, a natural right endowed to us by our Creator, and proclaimed in our Bill of Rights. 

Life and liberty is important to our Creator, as it also should be to us. Our founding fathers realized the importance of the preservation of both. That to maintain the right to life and liberty, the citizenry in our nation must have the opportunity to, not only protect themselves, but to push back against any tyrannical attempts to usurp your God-given rights. Our founders knew that a government, having knowledge of a citizenry with the capability to overthrow it, would not attempt to take away the rights of the governed. 

Simply stated, our right to bear arms is a significant reason American citizens continue to be free and enjoy all of our natural rights. 

Is your right to bear arms, clearly defined in the Second Amendment, under attack? The answer, quite simply, is yes. 

Does our sitting president want to disarm the citizenry? Both his actions and words say suggest yes. 
Are there elected officials filing legislation to inhibit your right to ownership, even to the point of confiscation? Once again, yes. 

I have seen an overwhelming swell of communication, through both email and phone calls, come into my office regarding your desire for me to stand up for your rights. 

I want to let you know today, that I will work tirelessly to stop any bill that interferes with your Second Amendment rights and your ability to purchase, own, or sell a firearm. 

I want you to know that those few in the Missouri House, that find it necessary to attack your natural rights, have no traction in your Missouri legislature. 

Instead, we have strong support for several pieces of legislation, like HB 170 and HB 436 – both of which I am supporting, that push back against any federal attempt to reduce your right to bear arms. I assure you my desire is to strengthen your rights, not weaken them. 

Even though the majority of your Missouri legislature is currently with you, this in no way should be interpreted as a reason for you to discontinue your involvement or lower your guard. The protection of our freedoms is a struggle that is constant and unending and I ask for your continued support, time, and energy as we fight to keep our nation free. 

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