Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leara pays $1,000 in campaign cash to gun dealers

The state representative who wants to make it a crime to file gun control bills in the Missouri Legislature spent more than $1,000 in campaign funds with three gun dealers, according to Missouri Ethics Commission documents.

The October 2012 campaign disclosure report for Rep. Mike Leara, R-St. Louis, shows he spent $106.87 with Mid-America Arms, St. Louis for "in-kind item purchased" on September 7, $687.14 with Davidson's Inc., Prescott, Ariz., Sept. 21 for "in-kind item purchased" and $221 the same day with MGE Wholesale, Mishawka, Ind., for "campaign event supplies."

The three items did not specify what Leara purchased or the purpose it was used for. Another representative, John McCaherty, R-High Ridge, raffled off an AR-15 at a campaign event last year.

Leara made national news today with HB 633, which would make filing a gun control bill a felony.

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