Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lant: Gun control bill is "goofy" proposal, St. Louis reps grandstanding

In his most recent newsletter, Rep. Bill Lant, R-Joplin, says that HB 545 is "goofy" legislation and that it is not going anywhere and accuses the St. Louis legislator who filed the bill of grandstanding. Perhaps that is true, but not any more so than the parade of GOP legislators who are filing bills trying to show that they are tougher than the federal government.

I want to address some rather silly legislation that has been proposed by a couple of St.Louis reps that seem intent on stirring up the mud. 

HB545 is a goofy proposal that we should have 90 days to turn in our "assault weapons" or to ship them out of Missouri.

 First, let me explain something. Any one of the 163 Representatives has the right to submit a bill for consideration. Once the bill is turned into the clerk's office, it becomes public information. This allows a rep to "grandstand" an issue if they so please. They so pleased! 

HB545 is so outrageous that it shouldn't even have been considered news. It was unfortunately spread all over the internet and most all of the reps in the state have spent all weekend answering constituents concerns. This bill will NOT GO ANYWHERE. At least in Missouri. Maybe Illinois, California and Canada. In my humble opinion, we need to spend our time and efforts on enforcing our current laws and working on proposals for better care for the mentally unstable.

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