Monday, February 25, 2013

MODOT discourages travel north of Route 54 tonight

(From the Missouri Department of Transportation)

Travel is DISCOURAGED north of Route 54, including areas in Vernon, Bates, Henry, Benton, northern Cedar, St. Clair and Hickory counties, Monday night through Tuesday because of expected blizzard-like conditions. 

* Drivers also are urged to stay off roads in Kansas City/St. Joseph area and wide portions of central and northern Missouri because of heavy snow and high winds.

Weather Conditions: In southwest Missouri, rain is expected to change to snow beginning mid-afternoon Monday roughly north of Route 54. Significant snowfall amounts are expected in Vernon, northern Cedar, Bates, Henry, Benton, St. Clair and Hickory counties. 
During the overnight hours, counties south of Route 54 will see rain change to snow, although lesser accumulations are predicted south of a line from Joplin to Bolivar to Buffalo. 
The winter storm will impact wide areas of central and northern Missouri. 

Travel Conditions: Drivers are being discouraged traveling across much of Missouri north of Route 54 overnight and in the morning because of the potential for deep snow and winds reaching 30 mph. 
Less traffic and fewer stranded vehicles on the roads will make it safer and easier for snowplows to keep roads open and quicker to clear once the storm has ended.

Road Clearing: During the storm, MoDOT crews will focus their efforts on keeping major roads driveable. That includes roads like I-49, Route 54, Route 13, Route 7 and Route 65. As they can, crews will make a pass along lesser-traveled routes to keep at least one lane passable. When the storm moves out of the area, crews will focus efforts on clearing the heaviest traveled roads first and then the lesser traveled roads. 

Please be patient: This is shaping up to be a major winter storm. Drivers are asked to be patient. MoDOT crews will work to clear major and secondary roads as quickly as possible. 

Winter Weather Driving Tips: 
* Buckle up. 
* Adjust your speed to conditions. 
* Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/salting the road. 
* Keep your windshield and other windows clear to help you see. 
* Be alert for road conditions that may change as you drive. 
* Don't tailgate. 
* Focus on driving and avoid distractions. 
* Allow for extra travel time if you must travel. 

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