Thursday, May 22, 2014

KC still in the running for 2016 Republican National Convention

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Chairman Ed Martin issued the following on Kansas City's advancement in the effort to host the Republican National Convention in 2016:

"I want to first congratulate the committee that has worked day in and day out to bring this dream to reality. A lot of really good people have worked really hard.

"Today marks the next, of what we hope are many, steps toward the selection of Kansas City hosting our national convention in 2016. We have a lot to offer, the logistical technicalities are not an issue, we don't have potential conflicts with our venues and Midwestern hospitality is abundant.

"Kansas City ushered in the Reagan Revolution after hosting the RNC in 1976. 2016 will be a galvanizing year for Republicans, why not return it's modern birthplace.

"One thing is for sure, Kansas City ready to go!"

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