Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading teachers fired, but Bright Futures assistant job must be filled

There is not enough money in the Joplin R-8 coffers to pay for reading teachers, janitors, cooks, secretaries, and a Joplin High School police officer, but heaven forbid that a Bright Futures position go unfilled.

This ad for an assistant Bright Futures coordinator was posted today on the district website:

The Bright Futures Assistant Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Bright Futures Coordinator with any and all duties necessary to coordinate the Bright Futures program in the Joplin School district. Duties include but are not limited to:
• Coordinating volunteer services and resources
• Supporting the Bright Futures Joplin Advisory Board and all of its committees, programs and initiatives
• Organizing meetings, events and fundraisers
• Surveying community for resources
• Maintaining the Bright Futures Joplin website and all Bright Futures Joplin social media accounts
• Supporting Bright Futures Site Councils at all buildings
• Promoting the program to involve all stakeholders (faith-based community, human services agencies, business community, parent community)
• Communicating in a positive manner that promotes the program
• Cooperating with all educational staff to meet the needs of the students
• Coordination of events as needed
• Fundraising
• Recruiting and supervising volunteers, including Americorps VISTA members

Position open until filled.


Anonymous said...

It's been a terribly depressing day. We had hoped that we might get to see some changes in our district, but Anne Sharp, Debbie Fort, Jim Kimbrough, and Lynda Banwart let down the patrons and parents of R8 last night. It's the same nonsense, and CJ, who is apparently quite deceitful in all aspects of his life, still reigns supreme. It appears that our only alternatives are to take our children and leave, or hope that the state might have the courage to poke the bear and send him down the road.

Anonymous said...

Let's be reminded that Bright Futures is not funded by the district. The community has graciously given funds because they believe in this work. That's what pays the staff. It's not taking away from another position to fill this opening. One should know the facts before making everything a scandal.

Anonymous said...

Just want to know what your thoughts are about other districts in the area. As a prospective teacher, I'd like to know what the best place to look for a job would be. Is there high levels of corruption in Webb or CJ like in Joplin? I understand that nowhere is perfect, but there has to be places better than Joplin. (coming from a JHS graduate...who didn't learn from a computer, but actually received a good education under Simpson)

Anonymous said...

All I've seen Bright Futures do is give a student a pair of used shoes, send home snacks with students whose parents can afford food, but decided to rely on handouts instead, and eat lunch with select students. What a role they are playing in changing the lives of Joplin students! I can really see the difference in attendance rates and academics. Sorry, I was being a bit sarcastic there. Academics really don't matter much anymore, anyways. At least in Joplin.