Monday, February 23, 2015

Ex-Joplin master developer completes project- $84,000 pool at his home

For nearly three years, the Turner Report has searched for a project that former Joplin master developer David Wallace, formerly of Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, has seen through to completion.

Mission accomplished.

The project was right in David Wallace's backyard. Not just in Sugar Land, Texas, but in David Wallace's actual back yard.

A mechanic's lien filed in Fort Bend County Texas, County Clerk's office shows that at the same time that Wallace and his former partner, Costa Bajjali were failing to get even one shovelful of dirt turned on any Joplin projects, it only took three months for Wallace to get an $84,000 pool installed in the backyard of the home he shares with his new wife.

The pool was provided courtesy of Premier Pools and Spas.

The pool was installed behind the new home David and Jennifer Wallace bought June 5, 2014, in the gated Greatwood community located in Sugar Land.

Fort Bend County records indicate the Wallaces took out a $361,000 homeowners' loan from Cornerstone Home Lending in Houston to buy the four bedroom, four bathroom home.


Laura Pina said...


Kenen Martinez said...

Well, I believe he just declared himself insolvent earlier this year, good to see him back on his feet so soon.

And as rigged as Texas laws are, I'm sure no one will ever see a penny from him.

Anonymous said...

I flat out don't understand this--regular people are constantly warned to keep a good credit score or they won't be able to find a car loan/home loan/decent insurance. And yet this yahoo can find hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit; I wouldn't loan him my pen! He should be sleeping in a cardboard box under an overpass.

Anonymous said...

It appears that if a mechanic's lien was filed, he has failed to pay for the pool, just like everything else he is associated with.

Anonymous said...

The document is a Mechanics Lien to start the job in May 2014. The job was complete in August 2014. Surely he took care of payment. You see, its all about HIM and the new wife. Lets see how long the "happiness" lasts. I hope the receiver uses this information against him at the court hearing next month. He had money that belonged to the KCM Estate and chose to spend it on himself. He's had money come in at different occasions, and chose to blow it on himself, including on an exotic wedding on some beach... its all about him. He belongs in prison. An overpass is too good for him.