Tuesday, February 24, 2015

David Wallace on Linkedin: I rebuilt Joplin after the tornado

LinkedIn is one of those social media sites where people can post their entire careers in hopes of landing better jobs or clients or connections.

Most people stick fairly close to the truth.

Others, like former Joplin master developer David Wallace, formerly of Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners take a more creative approach to their history.

On Wallace's LinkedIn site, as a "developer and visionary entrepreneur," though it is hard to find anything he actually developed and his vision when it comes to Joplin is through his rear view mirror.

Here is how the former Sugar Land mayor described his time with Wallace-Bajjali, including the three years in Joplin:

Founder and CEO

Wallace Bajjali Development Partners
 –  (9 years 1 month)Sugar Land, Texas
Private, real estate investment and consulting firm specializing in a variety of real estate services to investors, developers and institutional owners.
-Used extensive development experience, private equity funds and knowledge of public-private partnerships to develop assets ranging from single-family developments, student housing, office, retail, multi-family, assistant living, memory care, etc. Master Developer hired by the city of Amarillo, Tulsa, San Antonio, and Joplin, MO to redevelop the community following the devastating EF-5
 tornado that struck on May 22, 2011.
Wallace's profile indicates he is now an investment banker.


Anonymous said...

Who knew that one tornado could spawn so many superheroes? The air is just rife with them. Their hot air exhaust is blocking the sun and speeding up global warming exponentially. We will hope they crash and burn soon.

Anonymous said...

Can you spell texASS?

Sure you can.

Anonymous said...

Until there are real consequences for people like David Wallace this will continue. I think there are two suitable punishments for him and those like him. One would be the old tar and feathering approach. If he survived it, I feel sure he wouldn't be out fleecing people any time soon. The second would be to draft him into the military for a mandatory 6 years. Then ship him to the front lines to fight ISIS. With this option we might just be able to save the life of one of our children by keeping them off the front line and Wallace would again be limited in his ability to continue stealing.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone called the state attorney general? These two guys need to be indicted. As long as all they get are "judgements" they will continue to rip people off. They need criminal charges and they need to sit in prison. I urge everyone to call the State Attorney General, and it might just become federal since they crossed state lines.

Anonymous said...

Joplin leadership has found the wherewithal to endorse Catherine Hanaway, the most indictable figure in Missouri politics, for Governor. Her past is not so much the problem. Their timing is. Unfortunately, both the State Auditor and Attorney General are running for Governor, too. The Auditor is likely to even some scores via Joplin in the next few weeks -- and I imagine the Attorney General will follow suit. Smart money says that this spring will result in a few resignations at the very least.

Dusty Roads said...

He is a smooth operator.