Monday, February 23, 2015

Joplin R-8 Board expected to set March 25 as date for collective bargaining vote

A vote on what organization will represent Joplin R-8 teachers in collective bargaining will be scheduled for March 25, according to documentation for Tuesday night's 6 p.m. Board of Education meeting.

Both NEA and MSTA have filed requests to serve as the collective bargaining agent for district teachers, counselors, and librarians.

The following post comes from the Joplin NEA website and was written by NEA local president Crystal Stokes:

Ray Smith, MNEA Uniserv Director, and I spent a little over an hour with Dr. Huff, Tina Smith, Board attorney, another group, and the election judge, Mr. J. Dick Waers from Kansas City, discussing election parameters. The bargaining unit (any full-time employee on the teacher salary schedule who does not hire, fire, or evaluate) will be the ONLY people who will cast ballots.

Tentative agreement was reached on election sites, though this could change. At this time, it looks as though Cecil Floyd and Kelsey Norman Elementary Schools will be the two polling places. JNEA suggested a third site, but there hasn't been agreement on that. The first election is scheduled for March 25th from 3:15pm-7:30pm. (At this time, we cannot say for certain there will be a second election - stay tuned.) After meeting the election judge, who has overseen similar elections in Springfield and in the Kansas City area, we can assure you - without any doubt - that this will be a fair election process.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Right. Maybe we can barter for some of that loan money. I think our raises just got used up for carpet. CJ will now literally be walking on our backs. Hope you enjoy the new floor, CJ.

If they could make 9/10 of the initiatives go away, along with the money it takes to pay their promoters, that would be a start.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It isn't going to be easy negotiating with this bunch. However, an accountable elected representative will be able to report directly to teachers about negotiations regarding pay and working conditions. This will be a new process for a district that is so accustomed to controlling the message and playing shell games with operating funds. But getting Joplin teachers to actually vote might be the biggest task - there's so much fear and apathy among teachers here.