Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Joplin R-8 borrows $28 million; Globe doesn't even mention it

Things certainly have changed in the nearly four decades since I began working as a reporter.

I remember a time when a school district borrowing $28 million and discussing it during a board of education meeting would have been considered front page news.

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education agreed to borrow another $28 million Tuesday night, including $14 million to pay off the $37 million the board borrowed in August and another $14 million to make sure contractors can be paid.

That decision is not only left unmentioned on page one of today's Joplin Globe, but you won't find it anywhere else in the newspaper either.

The borrowing becomes an even more important story when the debt is supposed to be paid back by $30.4 million from federal and state agencies, and at this point, the district cannot be certain that it will receive the money.

It should be interesting to see how the area's newspaper of record covers the upcoming release of the Joplin R-8 state audit report.


Anonymous said...

I think we can all rest assured that the Globe will cover CJ's responses adequately and will skim over, or omit, the facts.

For our kids,

Anonymous said...

Will we ever get a grand tally for the cost of the construction as opposed to what was proposed? And CJ can try and blame the overruns on mine shafts, but the didn't have to have non-regulation tennis courts, turf covered practice fields, the world's biggest high school gym that was never even close to full, and all of those other silly things like color-switching lighted walls and built-in soda shops. It's ridiculous. Then there's East with its empty pods. Fully furnished. And the list goes on and on. But the Globe will never cover that story. Never. It'll just feature human interest stories and drop the accountability part of the job.

Anonymous said...

I want the Globe to stop throwing their free Wednesday paper in my driveway. I can afford my own a** wipe thank you very much.

Dusty Roads said...

All the glob is interested in is selling advertising.

Anonymous said...

Globe will NOT print anything the city officials don't want them too.

Anonymous said...

The Globe is just a rag now, not a news paper anymore. So sad, Joplin is big enough for a paper to be interesting but an editor with no backbone ruins it all.