Tuesday, February 24, 2015

C. J. Huff shares "inspiring vision" at Bright Futures USA Conference

The Twitter world is abuzz after Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff shared his "inspiring vision" with those attending the second annual Bright Futures USA Conference being held on the campus of Missouri Southern State University.

delivers a great speech today here at "What if every kid graduates from school with a servants heart."

Leading with a Servants Heart - Tk U Inspiring morning session

Inspiration from - service matters - to our children - to our collective future.

Thx for sharing your vision and passion to strengthen our communities so that kids can self actualize.... I matter

Excellent Session!

"In the absence of a family, we have to create one around [the children]" - CJ Huff

(Bright Futures USA Photo- C. J. Huff and Bright Futures USA CEO Kim Vann during a panel discussion Monday during the opening day of the Bright Futures USA Conference at MSSU. Huff's keynote speech was delivered this morning.)


Anonymous said...

Even heifers gotta eat!

Anonymous said...

Randy-please note as a followup to the St. Joseph school audit

St. Joseph dumps its superintendent after a scathing audit. The school board voted 6-0 to start termination procedures on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Gotta ask, does anyone know if the superintendent took vacation during this non school event?

Anonymous said...

CJ Huff and Kim Vann =
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker

Anonymous said...

Boy, CJ can sure pack a room, can't he? There must be maybe 15 people in there. Whew. Impressive.

For our kids,

Anonymous said...

If they have servants' hearts like Daddy CJ, they will learn to serve for sure. Serve themselves at the cost of the taxpayer while they stuff their own pockets. This man is no moral leader. He's a sham. Only a bunch of dumbasses would buy what he's selling.

Anonymous said...

Did he pick up his usual fee for today's event? Looking at the staggering number of people in that room that conference went in the hole if he did. Did he get paid by R8 today, or Bright Futures USA? Both?

bootlickers to my left and buttpuppets to my right said...

The atmosphere looks positively electric!


Anonymous said...

Same group of people....different venue.
Professional meeting goers are always present at every imaginable label for an organization.
They always bring the same set of solutions looking for a problem. This is why we keep seeing the same faces, meeting after meeting, year after year, and the only thing that gets accomplished is more meetings: paid for by unwitting taxpayers and donors.
How do I know? I used to be a professional meeting goer.

Anonymous said...

I guess Huff wants the kids to graduate with a "servant heart", since with the education they are getting, they'll be lucky to find a job in fast food.