Saturday, February 14, 2015

School audit report to be released Tuesday, FBI investigation underway

The Joplin R-8 School District is not the only school district undergoing a state audit.

State Auditor Thomas Schweich will reveal the results of an audit of the St. Joseph School District during a 5 p.m. Tuesday meeting at Oak Grove Elementary School.

The board of education has already placed the superintendent on paid administrative leave after reviewing the auditors' findings and the FBI is investigating the school district.

The board received a report from one lawyer on the process that lead to district CFO Beau Musser being placed on administrative leave last year. At the time, the district accused Musser of sexual misconduct and creating a hostile work environment. A different investigation cleared Musser of any wrongdoing and after seven months of paid leave he returned to work last November.

Soon after Musser returned, the district hired a law firm to see if St. Joseph Superintendent Fred Czerwonka and HR Director Doug Flowers followed proper procedures when they placed him on administrative leave.

District sources who've seen the report say it shows the district acted improperly and the report puts the jobs of some administrators in jeopardy.

Other problems include controversial promotions and pay increases that were given to the wives of Superintendent Fred Czerwonka and HR Director Doug Flowers.

Apparently, it is a good thing St. Joseph school officials did not have to deal with millions of dollars in donations or anything of that sort.

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Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder if this is why Barlass, Orem and others are continuing to jump ship. Meanwhile, R8 is left with brainwashed, inexperienced teachers and self=centered, egotistical principals and administrators who surround themselves with members of the R8 mutual admiration society. Let's get this cleaned up. It will be a long ugly process.