Monday, February 16, 2015

MODOT issues winter travel advisory

(From MODOT)

MoDOT/Southwest Winter Travel Advisory:
Monday Night into Tuesday Morning, Feb. 16-17

MoDOT crews are focusing snow removal operations on major routes Monday afternoon into Monday evening especially areas that received higher snow accumulations. As major roads become mostly clear, crews will focus on plowing lesser traveled roads. However, those road may remain mostly covered to partly covered.

Road Clearing: MoDOT crews will continue to concentrate their efforts in clearing major roadways including I-49, I-44, Route 60, Route 65 and Route 13 throughout the rest of Monday afternoon into Monday evening. The work will continue until all major roads are in mostly clear condition.

When major roads have reached the mostly clear status, crews will move to lesser traveled roads. Crews will plow the roads and apply salt and abrasives on hills, curves and intersections. However, those roadways will NOT be cleared to dry pavement

MoDOT crews will shift south and east from areas that have already improved their routes to help out areas that are still covered.

Travel Conditions: Road conditions Monday afternoon were improving as the winter storm moved out and the sun appeared.

However, lesser-traveled roads will remain mostly covered.

Drivers can regularly check MoDOT's Traveler Information Map for updated road conditions.

Tuesday morning rush hour will be challenging, especially on lesser traveled roads. Extreme cold temperatures over night could cause some areas to become very slick. Drivers are urged to take it slow and allow plenty of extra travel time to reach their destinations.

Traveler Information Map: To find the most up-to-date road conditions in southwest Missouri and statewide, check MoDOT's Traveler Information Map. MoDOT also has a Traveler Information Map mobile app for smart phones.

Winter Weather Driving Tips:
Buckle up.
Slow down.
Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/treating the road.
Be alert for changing road conditions.
Make sure fuel tanks are full before traveling.
Don't drive across downed utility lines or tree debris
Focus on driving and avoid distractions.
Allow for extra travel time.
Carry an emergency kit equipped with snacks, water and blankets.

Road Condition Information:
MoDOT Customer Service: 1-888-275-6636

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