Monday, February 23, 2015

Lawsuit officially settled: How much did Mike Johnson cost taxpayers?

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that there was a petition signed by 100 lawyers asking that C. J. Huff keep Mike Johnson on the Joplin R-8 staff.

The buildings project director and lawsuit magnet, who already cost the district $276,000 in the settlement in the United Metropolitan lawsuit in which Johnson was charged with racism, has cost the district more money (more likely in increased insurance premiums) after Judge David Dally officially approved the settlement and dismissed former custodial supervisor George Abbott's sexual harassment lawsuit against Johnson and the district Friday.

It would be nice if someone would ask for details of the settlement during Tuesday night's televised Board of Education meeting.

The trial for the case, which was filed in 2010, was originally scheduled to begin last week in Jasper County Circuit Court.

George Morris alleged wrongful firing, retaliation, harassment, and sexual harassment against Johnson. Though Huff was not listed as a defendant in the action, he is prominently featured in the lawsuit,

The description of the lawsuit can be found in the February 4 Turner Report.


Anonymous said...

If Joplin R-8 stays true to form, there was very likely a clause prohibiting the parties from discussing the agreement. On the other hand, Mike Johnson can't keep his big mouth shut so we may very well hear all about it.

Whatever the amount, even if it was $1.00, it is too much and this sexist, racist jerk needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Bend over!

Anonymous said...

It is appalling to hear this crude person is still employed by Joplin school district! I can't think of any other employer in the state of Missouri who would keep this guy.
What is the matter with these school administrators??