Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Houston investigative report probes the harm Wallace-Bajjali has done to Joplin

The investigative unit of Houston's KHOU delves into Wallace-Bajjali's departure from the city of Joplin in the accompanying report.

While KHOU does an excellent job with this examination of what Wallace-Bajjali did here and that is where its emphasis should be since to them Wallace-Bajjali is, or was, a local company.

Here in Joplin, we cannot allow this story to be limited to Wallace-Bajjali. The failure of the Texas company as Joplin's master developer involves many more people than David Wallace and Costa Bajjali.

What happened in Joplin has been a mixture of naivety, narcissism, and ne'er do wells. If we limit the scope of the investigation to Wallace-Bajjali, we are compounding the harm that has been done.


Anonymous said...

Fairly soon this will hit the national media. How will Joplin's city council and its school board explain to the world the mess they've let happen? It's an embarrassment to all of us. The town and the schools got taken by con men and no one is under indictment. It's time to take out the incompetents and put in some fresh blood. We can't trust the folks who let these messes happen.

Anonymous said...

Joplin should be demanding all kinds of investigations. Talk is cheap. You've been ripped off like a bunch of hicks. Your schools are falling apart before they're a year old and your kids aren't learning. Why is there no public protest at city hall and the board meetings? What does it take to get people to really get up and move here? In my town we would protest outside of city hall or pack the board meetings. Nothing in Joplin but complaining. That's why your mayor and your board and super ignore you. They know you don't have the initiative to demand changes and repercussions. So it's the fault of the citizens in the long run. You have to be more proactive.

Anonymous said...

I think all the "leaders" in Joplin saw so much money come pouring in that when someone came to town and told them the money would never stop, they bought into it. They ALL are to blame.

A Twister of Twisted Inbreds Struck said...

Looks like the inbreds are back to business as usual of being screwed.

When the tornado came in, it hit a largely third-world city run by a thieving clique of inbreds used to stealing everything not red-hot and nailed down. But when has it been any different? Robert A. Heinlein wrote that 1900 Joplin was a place run by connected thieves that made the Kansas City Pendergast machine look like Periclean Athens.

The private business projects are doing fine. Why does Joplin need a "master developer" when it already has plenty of master debaters? Isn't the current Joplin library sufficient? What do you need a connected movie theater for when there is Netflix?

Putting a bunch of taxpayer money out for connected inbreds to get into is an open invitation to thievery. Simply leave well enough alone. Joplin was built without tax money in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone is blaming the city council, but let me tell you, these two guys are good scammers and have scammed quite a few intelligent people such as the Houston investors. Those people are people who own and run businesses. David Wallace is a master. He is good and his side kick was just a good. Too many others have been scammed to blame this on city council. I hope they go to prison. By blaming city council you are not hold WB accountable. Blame falls on WB. They were entrusted to do a job and did nothing. All they did was take money from everyone.