Thursday, February 12, 2015

Huff on audit: We're blaming the tornado, we were already working on it, we may not do what they say anyway

Auditors have clamped down on mention of specific findings from the state audit, but Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff says he is ready for the report to be released.

"I look forward to getting that audit out in front of the community and answering any questions they may have," Huff told interviewer Judy Stiles, in the latest Newsmakers video, which accompanies this post.

Huff said that steps have already been taken to implement some of the auditors' recommendations. Findings came in areas that "we knew we needed to shore up anyway," he added.

"Certainly, there's some areas we can improve on, ones we already knew we needed to shore up," Huff said, repeating what appears to be the approach he is going to take to respond to the audit. There are problems, but they already knew about it and just has not been able to do anything about it to this point.

In the response to the auditors' findings, it also appears that Huff and the R-8 Board are going to rely heavily on the "we had a tornado and we had to do things differently" approach.

"With our circumstances, we didn't have the means to do it at the time," Huff said.

The audit was not limited to financial matters, Huff said. "They took a deep and broad look at the school district which we really appreciate. It's much deeper and broader than the annual audit."

The audit portion of the video begins at about the 10:30 mark. At the 14:55 mark, Huff indicates that the district may not follow all of the auditors' recommendations.

In the interview, Huff also addresses the TIF situation, saying the school would work with the city to "hold hands together and work it out as a community."

Talking about the decision to support the TIF, Huff said, "We're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We make mistakes, but when we make a mistake, we try to back up and do it right."

Huff did not mention any instances in which he has taken that approach.


Anonymous said...

That's the most arrogant rat that ever lived. He's already telling the public that he knows better than the auditor what needs done to keep his vision going, empty bank accounts and pathetic data be damned.

The Board MUST be turned over in April. Pleaase, people for the sake of the children and the community, vote out Sharp and don't let Cook in. This can't continue.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't have the means" to do what? As much as you have spent and there's some stone yet to be turned? Liar. Liar. Liar. You have fired teachers. Cut teaching jobs. Cut classified jobs. Harassed and threatened staff. Mishandled millions and millions of dollars. So don't act like you didn't have the ability to do the right thing. You blatantly chose to do the WRONG things in order to build up your upper admin and failed initiatives at the cost of learning and of good staff members. Quit trying to spin this before it comes out. We are on to you, and we know how much you can be trusted, which is not at all.

Anonymous said...

already implementing some not lying on attendance anymore...that is called fraud...and you're guilty of it...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what deals he made with Wallace Bajjali. No district enters a TIF willingly because they don't want to get stiffed for what might have been tax income. You know, like Joplin got stiffed for $14 million. Huff had to have gotten something from them. I think it was on this report that we read something about Huff making arrangements to sell district properties to them without board approval. You can bet they are thick--wait for it--as thieves.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he chokes when they start talking about the audit. Lies get stuck in your craw, did they? They are hard for us to swallow too.

Anonymous said...

With this audit coming, Huff is busier than a cat covering up shit on a marble floor.