Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another reader offers comments on R-8 situation and C. J. Huff

A reader sent the following e-mail comments to me, feeling they were too long to put in the comment section after any of my posts, but also wanting to express opinions about the ongoing problems in the Joplin R-8 School District.

Much like our host, I have some thoughts regarding R-8 land and some of the recent comments/posts on this blog.


You must understand that if ANYONE in Huff’s clan even thinks that you do not agree with whatever His Highness Huff (HHH) has mandated then you will not just lose your job. Your life will become a miserable, living hell. In addition, if you try to leave HHH’s land of R8, you will find yourself unable to get a job. They want to control you. If you try to break away from that, they will do all they can to destroy you.


Your comments about the school board becoming political are wrong only because you think that’s a new thing. You have been playing politics all along and your recent actions have proven that fact. Now, go enjoy your newly found free time.


You allowed people who were not only your employees but also your friends to be treated like dirt. I hope you spend your new free time reflecting on the horrible things you allowed to happen to people in R-8 land.


I think your actions have caused more divisiveness than any other person’s on the board. You have shown that you are NOT working for the taxpayers, teachers or children. You are obviously working for CART and all those other people who think they’re better than the rest of us.


Thank you for working so hard in such a short and intense time. Thank you for working to make things right, clear and open. Good luck.


Keep asking the right questions and checking to see what is, or could be, wrong. Thank you for bringing an elementary perspective to the board and the knowledge that comes from elementary experience.


You also keep asking questions. Any time you do that, you’re getting answers for us, the voters. Thank you. Keep it up.


Please don’t be a part of the corruption that has taken over in this town! Please truly listen to all the information, ask questions and don’t worry about putting on a show.


Listen to the people. We aren’t as dumb as you might think. I know many of us are really irritated that you have decided that you need to do this. Please be sure that you are listening to the voters. We aren’t so stupid that we don’t know when there is something amiss. You will be much better off being transparent and listening to the voters.


I hope you are all ready to see and admit that you’re wrong, show some class and help us move out of this mess and truly take care of our kids. If you happen to be part of HHH’s clan, prep those resumes. Yes, I’m referring to Tina Smith, Jennifer Doshier, Sarah Stevens, Jason Cravens, the “coaches” and the principals like Terri Hart, Bret Ingle, Sarah Mwangi, Karen Secrist, Cathy McCombs, Dawn Mertens and the many others who got their jobs being worshipers of HHH. However, don’t expect to get very far since your latest job is a farce that’s built upon very little experience and a house of cards.


This man was not an outstanding educator. I don’t think he had any personal agendas, but he also was a business man who treated education as a product, not a people business. This man came in and changed how things were happening with the goal being raising scores. His clan members also liked to spy and tattle. Unless Besendorfer was involved, Simpson wasn’t interested in destroying lives. He just wanted numbers. Without cheating, (that he knew of) but numbers. He did use those numbers to embarrass and belittle.


The man is not perfect, but he also is NOT a crook or a pervert. He is a harmless former teacher who has been falsely accused of horrendous things. Be glad that he is willing to investigate and find the truth.


That looked fishy to begin with. Now we know that it was a way to guarantee that HHH would have a paycheck no matter what might happen.

How in the world can HHH retire? How does he have the years of service to make 80? Why in heavens name does he need to be an advisor or anything else?


This part is what I find most disgusting. HHH certainly hasn’t earned any of the money he’s received and I’d bet money that he won’t earn the rest of the money he’s stealing from the district.

It would have been better if HHH had been put on a PIP and forced to actually work.


Some have suggested that the board should hire someone as an interim superintendent from within the district. There may be people who have the certification for being superintendent but I can only think of one who would actually come in and be an honest person interested in helping the district and NOT doing anything for personal gain. That’s Steve Gilbreth at South Middle School. THAT man is truly for the kids.

Let's move on and get things cleaned up. It won't happen with any remnants of HHH.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Cue the HHH lovers in 3..2...

Anonymous said...

But----hasn't S.G. also been part of the problem? I liked the man so much. I believed he was passionate about his job and would advocate for our kids. Sadly, very sadly, I watched a bullying incident be swept all the way under the rug because the bully was from an affluent family who wanted their affluent baby protected. He even said he would like the situation handled differently but then just kind of hung back and allowed the bullied kid (and himself) to be completely disregarded. Years have passed and I hoped this was an isolated incident. I still want to like him. Even as I type this I want so badly to be wrong----but during this last election stories similar to the one I'm telling started surfacing. PLEASE someone convince me is the great guy I once thought he was and that he is in fact capable of doing the right and good thing when the affluent adult bullies insist on trying to tie his hands.

Anonymous said...

A very well written, turn a blind eye to one side of things article. Congrats!

A sane man in an insane world. said...

There is a tme to fight and there is a time to wait. Steve is subject to the same bullying tactics as any other cog in the machine He could have challenged, but the result would have been the same; with some TLC being inflicted on the SMS kids as their new principal. He does his best to be a buffer. Bud, on the other hand, wholeheartedly embraces CJ's ignorance and fanaticism. Brandon is a bit more smooth, He plays the nice guy to teachers and parents while being a member of the good ole boys behind the scenes.

Don't count Steve out. He has found maintaining his position in a corrupt administration distasteful. But as you know, he truly is in it for the kids.

By the way, Ask yourself, if CJ were confronted by a disturbed armed student, would he have risked his life to stop him? And, regardless of what actually happened, would he have then missed an opportunity to have engaged in a self promotional hero tour? Think about it. One guy puts his physical body in front of a loaded gun which is (mis)fired at him. The other says take some of the massive influx of financial aid, volunteer, and government help, and find a place for students whose schools are damaged, to have school in three months. The latter was proclaimed a hero. The first...he plays his ukelelee on South's stage with students. One wants to be a famous politician. The other is happy being an educator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another awesome amusing post. My favorite line of this article is about Jeff Koch: “Thank you for working so hard in such a short and intense time. Thank you for working to make things right, clear and open.” I guess voting to give Huff a $250,000+ payout was making things right.

Anonymous said...

Dr. G is a kind man, but not a good leader. He does not want to hurt people's feelings, so he ignores problems. He does not like making decisions because of the fallout. He is very non confrontational.

Looking at other administrators in other districts, they make decisions that not all citizens agree with. However, you look at the decision, you see how it benefits kids. I am not a fan of the former super, because I do not see how it benefits kids.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you concerning Dr. Gilbreth. My daughter just wrapped up her third year at South. Dr. Gilbreth is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 8:09...Dr. Gilbreth is the real deal. A more genuine leader, who truly cares about kids, has never been employed by Joplin Schools. I realize not every parent will agree with every decision a principal makes, but I trust that Dr G gives everyone their "day in court" and ultimately makes the best, and most fair, decision. Personally, I'd hate to see him at central office...he would be greatly missed by the students at South Middle School.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say that Dr.G is not the stand up guy you all do portray. Remember when he buddy up with Dr. Simpson and played sax in the band. He has played the system just like all the others. He was not a good A. Principle at North and us parents ran all over him. If it wasn't for Mrs. Cox the good teachers would not lasted as long as they did. What have Ingle and Eggleston done to catch the negativity of this post?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ingle is a Huff suck-up and a lousy elementary principal.

Anonymous said...

Gilbreth is a wuss, a pervert and a bully in his own right. He is not a stand up guy. His strings are pulled by Huff and Tina Smith just like everyone else's are, don't be fooled. He would cause as much damage to this district as Huff just in with the opposite polarity. Joplin would still be a laughing stock. Yes I know him too. Let the bashing begin...