Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Former Jasper teacher's aide may be released next month

The former Jasper High School teacher's aide who was sentenced to seven years in prison in March could be back on the streets as early as next month.

Janice Rusk, 44, who pleaded guilty to statutory rape and statutory sodomy charges for having sex with a student, was ordered by Judge David Dally to be put into an SOAU (Sex Offenders Assessment Unit) which requires her to successfully go through a treatment program during her time at the correctional center in Vandalia. Upon the successful completion of the program, Dally has the option to release her after 120 days shock time.

A letter to the court dated May 26 from Rusk's attorney, Erica Mynarich, says that Rusk successfully completed the "You Are Somebody" prison fellowship program, enclosing a certificate which says that "Janice Rusk, a child of God, is hereby awarded the certificate of participation."


Dusty Roads said...

She is just lucky she is a female because a man would be locked up for a while.

Anonymous said...

I have learned so much from this experience!

#1: people who plead guilty aren't always guilty
#2: people judge others way too quickly, without knowing all the facts and believing everything they see on social media
#3: Jan is a STRONGER Christian than most people (here I will elaborate)...this woman has been a staple in the Jasper community; she has always been the ONE person whom kids, staff, friends, and family have been able to count on. She has been on many mission trips, many school and church committees, and has always put others above herself.
#4: Her goal was to reach at least ONE person for many
of us would give up our lives to make Christ famous????
#5: She has held prayer meetings and continued to pray for those who don't know Christ while in prison. I have compared her to may seem that she lost so much, yet God will repay her for her faithfulness!!!!
#6: She is the friend that I have known her to be for the last 16 years!!!!
#7: Lastly, I have learned what a true friend, woman, mom, wife, daughter, sister, citizen, Christian looks like...Janice Rusk - we love you and support you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the child learned...

Notapedifile said...

Good job Detective Bailey!