Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Height of hypocrisy- Joplin Globe criticizes board for hiding the truth

The Joplin Globe editorialized today about the buyout package that was given to R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff and part of what the Globe said was correct- the taxpayers deserve more information about why Huff was forced out.

But no agreement is going to answer taxpayers’ questions. In our view, they deserve a lot more information than they are getting, especially since they are footing the bill. Retirements don’t come with this type of monetary send-off, and firings don’t include a letter of recommendation from the board president.
The Globe Editorial Board fails to note that if the newspaper had been doing its job for the past few years, the public would be fully aware why it was past time that C. J. Huff was shown the door.

The Globe has softpedaled all indications of problems with Huff, in many cases even allowing the superintendent to use the newspaper as a public relations tool to help his cause.

When CFO Paul Barr spoke of "might-as-well" spending last year, the Globe totally ignored the reference, which Barr said referred to such items as extra tennis courts, artificial turf for the soccer field and the football practice field, a track so students wouldn't have to go to Junge Field, and lighting and press boxes for the fields at the high school.

None of those things were included in the original plan approved by R-8 voters in the April 2012 election and by the time the Globe reported on the $8 million, it did so using only the Huff Administration's spin that it was all about HVAC and bathrooms.

When Huff attacked board members Debbie Fort and Jennifer Martucci during the April board meeting, the Globe limited its coverage to one paragraph on an inside page.

Even the results of a highly critical state audit were given short shrift by the Globe, which reported it almost entirely based on C. J. Huff's version of what the audit said and meant.

Then last week, the Globe offered another slap in the face to the teachers and staff in the school district by praising C. J. Huff as he exited and lauding the people that Huff brought into his upper administration- which was criticized by the state audit for having people who were unqualified for the jobs they held.

Thankfully, Joplin R-8 patrons have discovered that there is more than one source of information and that the truth cannot and should not be filtered through the Joplin Progress Committee.

The Globe editorial ends with this nugget:

And the trust of taxpayers isn’t earned by keeping them in the dark.

The same holds true for the trust of readers, a lesson the Joplin Globe needs to learn.


Anonymous said...

Might As a Well...... That area has nothing to do with EDUCATION..... The Vo-Ag shop is out there in front of the school...... I guess they can get a big tent out there on astro turf and set up for shop classes.....

Anonymous said...

Oh I think they are fully aware of the trust issue. Anyone who looks at their subscription numbers and how much they have fallen are aware of the trust people put in them.

Anonymous said...

Hard to keep selling the line that nothing is wrong when the chief huffer and some of his most important puffers all cut and run.

Anonymous said...

Why should we let those pesky facts get in the way?

Anonymous said...

Read the Audit from the State and see why they run. If SEMA/FEMA picks up where this audit left off in relation to receipts, contractors, control and tracking of funds they better run far.
Spending is over budget and has been for several years.Not to mention hiring unqualified staff, and other tracking of funds.
It's true and in black & white, but just like the Lorraine report the Globe will not report on the findings.

Anonymous said...

What the Globe failed to mention was that once the old board had voted to give CJ Huff an extension, before the results of the audit, the R8 was in a bad way.
I know many hoped for a firing but in today's world board President Koch did the right thing for the district. Now they need to hire Dr Sachetta as interim Super as they look for a full time replacement. It will be very difficult to hire a quality candidate until the issues with the board are resolved. We may even wait to hire a full time Super after the next board election cycle. Lets go Eagles!


Time and again we Joplinites have discovered the goings on in the area from every source but those claiming to be "the news." The Globe and the two (masquerading as four) TV stations wait until they are absolutely confident that they won't upset one of their dwindling advertisers. It is sad that information is printed in the history books before it is reported in this area.

It is often claimed that our local "media" wouldn't know a story if it bit them in the ass. Well the R8 story has had a mandible full of hiney for years and they still reluctantly come out of the shadows to offer a few tidbits of timid coverage interspersed with some parting propaganda pieces from the culprits. If it wasn't so sad, it would almost be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Hit that nail on the head.
Problem is that's where many in Joplin go for information.
If it's in the Globe or on TV it must be true!?

Anonymous said...

If only there were some institution that taught citzens to be critical thinkers, then perhaps we would not be such gullible sheep led to slaughter by the news facade of commercial interests.

Anonymous said...

Critcal thinkers? Oh wait isn't that taught in schools in preparation of test taking?

Anonymous said...

I refuse to have the Globe in my house or read it online. As long as Stark and the current publisher are using the paper to manipulate the people of this area, I will forbid it here. Funny, no one seems to miss it.